First California Mortgage
First Franklin Financial
First Security Savings Bank
First Union
Flagstar Bank
Ford Credit Corporation
Franklin Mtg. Capital Group
Franklin Group
GMAC Mortgage
Greenpoint Mortgage
Guild Mortgage
GN Mortgage
Hamilton Financial Corporation
Home Mac Mortgage
Independence One
International Savings Bank

Irwin Mortgage
Legend Financial Group, Inc.
Loan America
Long Beach Bank
Mission Hills Mortgage
Monument Mortgage
Mortgage Authority
Nations Bank
Network One
New Century Mortgage
North American Mortgage
North County Credit Union
Norwest Mortgage
NVR Mortgage
Oakmont Mortgage
Option One Mortgage
PHH Mortgage Services

Approval List

ABN-AMRO Mortgage
Accubanc Mortgage
Alicia Park Financial Corporation
American City Mortgage
American Savings Bank (Preferred)
Ameristar Financial
AMRESCO Residential Mort.Corp.
Associated Mortgage Lending
Bank of America
Bank of Commerce
Bank United
Brooks America
Cal Coast Mortgage
Cendant Mortgage
Chase Manhattan Mortgage
CIT Group
Citi Mortgage
Civic Bank
City National Bank
Coast Federal Savings
Colonial Bancorp
Comerica Mortgage Corp.
Community Lending
Commonwealth United Mortgage
Countrywide Mortgage
Courtesy Mortgage
Crestar Mortgage
Crossland Mortgage
Dollar Mortgage
Downey Savings
Empire of America
Fieldstone Mortgage

First American Mortgage West

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Lender Approved List (Partial)

Pacific National Bank
Pacific Republic Mortgage
Pacific Thrift & Loan
Provident Funding
Prudential Relocation Management
Rancho Bernardo Community Bank
RNG Mortgage
San Diego County Credit Union
SCS Mortgage
Secure Banking Mortgage Corporation
Sierra Western Mortgage
Source One Mortgage Services
Southern California Savings
Stuart-Wright Mortgage
Suntrust Mortgage
Trust 1 Mortgage
Union Bank
Unistar Mortgage
United Financial Mortgage Corp.
Uniwest Mortgage
Washington Mutual Savings Bank
Washtenaw Mortgage
Wells Fargo Bank
Western Financial Savings Bank
Western Sunrise Mortgage
Westsav Mortgage
World Savings
WMC Mortgage